Writing Words


I’m gonna write something brilliant,

that compels your brain to kick into high gear,

that sticks in your gut as you read it

and wraps itself slyly around your heart,

twisting your mind to think differently

about everything

you ever thought you knew.


I’m gonna write something beautiful,

breathtakingly lush and opulent

using words and images that enliven your humanness

and awaken your humanity,

opening your heart like a candy wrapper

so you’ll laugh and you’ll cry,

because it’s almost too lovely to know


I’m gonna write something inspiring,

that burns into your heart and mind with a holy fire,

that makes you jump up out of your easy chair

and easy life and easy thoughts

to commit to something grander and more astounding,

and more meaningful and more sacred

than you ever knew

was residing in your soul.


I’m gonna write something real,

and the Truth of it will change you


it will change me too.