A rolling stone gathers no moss. The choice to be on the move is easier today than ever in history. Many people have the opportunity to relocate, travel, take holidays and partake of a footloose lifestyle. Mobile work opportunities, early retirements and flex years open endless options for choosing transient lifestyles.

Which leads me to the question – if you could move or travel anywhere in the world, where would it be? If you could dream it – you can be it. Manifest your next level of life, home, career, family, friends and lovers. Sometimes we don’t always get the results we want, from our choices – but it is  entirely in our control how we react to the outcome.

The cycle of life is designed by choices and consequences. We get to make the choices, but the resulting consequences are from a higher power. Making intelligent choices, based on intuition, faith, knowledge and past experience guides your way, but then you must surrender to the consequences given to you. It is in the acceptance, or surrender to the consequences that the joy of living, and manifestation of happiness lives.

eg. You make plans for a picnic. You arrive at the park, spread out the blanket, food and beverages. A cloud appears, and rain falls.
It was in your expectation of a dry picnic that sadness grows. You now have an opportunity to make a new choice, which  may be to celebrate the rain, run laughing for shelter, or hide under the blanket and have a tent picnic.

It is the reaction to the consequences of our choices that we find joy, or sadness.

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