A Plea for Deeper Connection – Living with Love

Love, in its myriad forms and expressions, serves as the universal language that binds us all. Its essence is found in countless cultures, each denoting it with a spectrum of words and emotions. In Greek, ‘Eros’ symbolizes romantic love. In Hebrew, ‘Ahava’ and ‘Chesed’ represent differing shades of love. Yet, in English, we are confined to the single word ‘Love,’ embellished by verbs to convey our emotions, a representation that may, or may not, resonate with the receiver.

Love speaks in languages of sights, sounds, and feelings, connecting to our souls in ways unique to each individual. Some of us perceive love visually, others auditorily, while many experience it through touch, a symphony of sensations that resonate uniquely with every soul. The challenge lies in our ability, or sometimes inability, to understand, recognize, and reciprocate these varying languages of love.

Visual individuals resonate with love manifested in beauty, actions, and tangible gifts, absorbing affection through what they see. The auditory souls hear the whispers of love in sweet melodies, enchanting words, and the harmonious tunes of nature. And then there are the tactile spirits, the ‘feelers,’ who yearn to be enveloped in the warmth of touch, the softness of a gaze, the intimacy of physical connection.

Understanding these intricacies is not only a means to deepen our bonds but a way to truly see, hear, and feel the world in its entirety, to embrace its beauty and diversity. It’s a profound realization I often reflect upon, wondering, yearning, for you to delve deeper, to understand better, and to let your soul fly higher in the pursuit of a purer, softer, and more profound love. It’s not a plea for self-gratification but an invitation, a tender beckoning to embrace your higher, more enlightened self, for your sake and for those who step into your life.

In the twilight of our lives, especially in the realms of retirement communities where I’ve spent years observing and interacting, it becomes glaringly evident how the essence of love, or the lack of it, shapes our existence. The individuals who have mastered the art of loving live in contentment, their days brimming with joy and activities. They are the epitome of happiness, health, and balance. Conversely, those untouched by the realms of love often find themselves lost in the monotony of existence, their days filled with complaints and unfulfillment.

To imbue our lives with genuine contentment and bliss in our golden years, it is crucial to infuse our actions and words with sincere love and kindness, replacing sarcastic jabs, which are akin to tearing flesh, with genuine compliments and affectionate expressions, thus building emotional bonds and nurturing a loving connection. I earnestly believe this transformation is possible and holds the key to a life full of peace, joy, and sublime contentment.

In the pursuit of this enlightenment, I have witnessed men, and their significant others, who have found profound happiness and fulfillment in exploring softer, more tender expressions of love, replacing harsh and detached experiences with endearing and loving ones. It’s promising to observe a growing inclination towards embracing love and warmth, indicating a collective evolution towards a more compassionate and loving world.

This, my dear, is my most sincere and heartfelt wish for you, an invitation filled with love, a plea sent with the sweetest of intentions, urging you to embark on this journey of love, understanding, and enlightenment. May your life be filled with the sweet symphonies of love in all its beautiful languages, and may your soul find the bliss it so deeply deserves.

With all the warmth and love my heart can hold,


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