The Feminine Cycle: The Maiden, Mother and Crone

On International Women’s Day, March 8, 2023:

Did you know, that thanks to the advancements in health, people are living twice as long as we did a century ago, and  postmenopausal women are rapidly becoming the largest demographic group in Canada?

The ancient tripartite divisions of Maiden, Mother, and Crone can be even more be meaningful in women’s lives today, as the Crone stage becomes one third of our lifespan. Each stage revolves around what the cool goddesses of the past called the blood mysteries: menarche (a.k.a. your first period), childbirth (which comes with birthing blood), and menopause (when your wise blood stays put to give you wisdom). These experiences are major milestones that shape who we are as women and help us evolve into our next stages of wisdom.

As we take on life’s adventures, our hormones can be quite the ride! They can make us feel like a superhero or a complete mess, but it’s all part of being a woman. Our bodies are designed to go through these changes, but let’s not forget that society’s expectations can add extra pressure. From periods to childbirth, these experiences push us to tune into our bodies and develop intuition based on body wisdom. It’s like our bodies are speaking a language that only we can understand! By connecting with the rhythms of the universe, we can have some pretty amazing moments of self-discovery. So, let’s embrace our hormonal journey and see where it takes us!

Why am I even writing about these natural transformations? Well, for starters, our education system has missed a few chapters, leaving women to navigate these changes without a proper map. And the media, which bombards us with mixed messages like “be sexy, but don’t act on it”. It’s no wonder women have been struggling with their sexuality for over 5,000 years. Never mind the added pressure for mature women to look young and stay in the game.

Enter the Tantric Crone archetype, the wise, sensual, erotic woman mentor and community leaders. Let’s say Happy International Women’s Day to that!

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