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Twenty Fourteen looks to be an exciting year for residents of the Okanagan, as we see prosperity returning to the valley, and with it rising property values. If you are thinking of adding Home Owner to your CV, time to get busy!!

With a plethora of listing sites flooding the web, such as or, I chose not to build another listing site, deciding instead to create an informational portal, a stopping point for you, the Buyer, Seller or Browser – to familiarize yourself with my integrity, values, communication style, skill sets, talents and personality.┬áDo you have a house for sale or are you in search for the perfect property in the Okanagan? Perhaps I may assist you in defining, selecting and closing your real estate deal with a stress free, relaxed and profitable transaction.

I bring to the table years of Marketing, Communications and Advertising experience, along with a deep understanding of Residential and Commercial Property sales and acquisitions. My appreciation for Real Estate ventures began three months after my 18th birthday when I purchased my first home in Winnipeg, Manitoba – a two bedroom 1.5 story with a garage for $18,000.00 CDN.

Years later I have transacted over 100 real estate deals, negotiated numerous business sales, counted million SKU inventories, waded through months of due diligence processes, finessed with mortgage brokers, deliberated over CAP rates and popped the cork on many a celebratory bottle of champagne for ecstatic clients.

If you seek a consultation on your Real Property decisions, please call. I specialize in asking the questions, necessary to help you make knowledge based decisions.

Always remembering – our Decisions are based on knowledge – our Actions, on Emotions.