Are you a User or an Investor? There are two main types of commercial customers:

1. The Users who are seeking a property that will house their business. Their main concerns are location, visibility and the prestige that will accompany a particular property or location. Buying decisions will  be affected by the buildings’ age, or newness of the property, the neighborhood, safety for staff, security, lighting, office size, window placements, and primarily whether the property enhances business opportunities. Their buying decisions are largely focused on the question “‘What’s in it for my business” and whether this property will offer the opportunity for growth without excessive increases in overhead costs.
2. The Investors who are motivated  by three slightly different factors of influence; What is the rate of return they can expect to receive on their capital investment? How secure is the rate of return, is it guaranteed, or reliable? What are the risks or chance of losing the investment? And most importantly what is the potential for capital growth? Investors often have a desired rate of return established prior to beginning their property search. While attractive settings and decors may be desirable, they are not at the top of the list for Investors.
A User may be ‘Buying an Income Dream’, whereas an Investor is ‘Buying an Income Stream’ 

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