Sharon Lancaster is a multifaceted woman with a passion for deepening life experiences through a passion for the arts and creativity. She draws upon her vast life experience to empower individuals to define their needs and move forward with purpose. Sharon has a talent for presenting and speaking on topics related to wellness, meditation, sensuality and passion, which helps others to explore and expand their experiences in these areas.

Along with her zest for deepening life experiences, Sharon is a skilled consultant, facilitator, and moderator, and the owner of Slate Communications. She uses her expertise to help businesses develop creative and strategic marketing programs, promotional campaigns, and other initiatives aimed at meeting their goals.

Sharon is also a dedicated philanthropist who has spearheaded numerous not-for-profit campaigns and provided leadership and fundraising for international NGOs. Her personal mission statement, “Shelter the Children,” provides focus and direction for her multifaceted lifestyle.

As a published author, Sharon has a love for the written word and is a skilled writer and editor. Whether it’s a hard-hitting creative campaign or an illuminating brainstorming session, Sharon is the perfect person to call for a confidential interview and to get slated for success.

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