“You should blog again,” he said.
‘I haven’t felt inspired lately.” I replied, angrily wiping plaster dust from my face. “I’ve been doing reno’s.”

We all need a nudge sometimes, to get out of the rocking chair, climb the stairs, and follow our passions. Life has a way of clouding the vision, and for writers, procrastination is the enemy of procreation. Using any excuse to delay the editorial process, while yearning for the thrill of seeing words appear on white space. It is a Yin/Yang enigma. And not writing, or following a passion can destroy the harmonious relationship of the Ying/Yang as well as the female/masculine relationship in a home, which is exactly the effect it was having that day.

It is extremely difficult to find the inspiration to write, when your world is cluttered with the selection of kitchen sinks, cupboards, countertops and floorboards; drywall, plaster and beige coloured china toilets. My creative mind was consumed with tape measures, yardsticks, inches and centimeters. Coloured primers and paint chips. Blocking the arteries with blue collar jargon. If allowed to fester, self discipline and will power may begin to crumble and like water under a bridge, time will pass, life will ebb away and passionate energy may be replaced by the monotonous drone of ‘I can’ts’, the blame game and reasons for ‘why nots’.

The more fortunate among us respond to the nudges, awaken prior to the Quadruple Bypass, and start exercising the need to lead with our hearts, then follow with our brains. Grudgingly I picked up a pencil and started writing on the drywall.

I WAS HERE before the cupboards were. Aug, 2016

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