Commercial Real Estate is divided into 3 distinct groups:

  1. Industry – Warehouse, Manufacturing or Integrated Warehouse/Manufacturing space, purchased or leased along with areas designated as Office space. Some yard storage or parking may also be required. The sale or purchase of raw or serviced land to developers and owners/users is included within the Industrial Real Estate grouping.
  2. Business (Commercial) – Merchandise or Retail space, which may also be integrated with office and storage areas. Existing businesses for sale, with or without real estate property is also included in this grouping.
  3. Investment – Those desiring income and/or capital appreciation along with possible tax benefits that may result from money used to purchase real property.

Since the turn of the century the letters IC&I or more recently ICI has been the acronym used when referring  to industrial, commercial and investment real estate. Although this phrase continues to be used within the industry,  for naming of associations,  and/or as website URLs – the singular word Commercial has now replaced IC&I as a generic reference to all specialty fields.

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