Hurricane Sandy

Sandy is wreaking havoc … even the TD Webbroker order entry tool is ducking under the weather. My Monday morning ritual sabotaged by a weather system, gaining speed somewhere on a far away coastline, reminding me, once again, how we are all connected.

No less than the miracle of the squirrel gathering nuts, or the magnificent Big Horn Rams poised on the hill above Westside Rd., you, and I are part of the miracle of creation.

Equally beautiful, unique, extra ordinary. All one of the same source material, begotten from the same energy as the neighbor to the right and the stranger to the left. Born from fate, gifted with destiny.

Choices determine our lives, when to scavenge, when to store, prepare for storms, bask in sunshine, rest in silence. The only species that uses time as a guide, vs, the signals of the universe – the fading sun, elongated moon shadows or brisk hurricane winds. The clock, ticking, reminding me it is Monday morning – referencing me to another week, and days that need to be filled with obligations, salutations and edifications. Stuff, stuffed into the cavernous opening we refer to as ‘Our Lives’.

Time to prepare for winter, blowing in from the east and the west.