My Blackberry task master reminds me this is the Monday I slated to begin the MREA Certificate Program: Principles of Commercial Real Estate. Technically there is still 1.5 hours left in the day. The Workbook weighs heavily on my desk. My Blackberry further reminds me, this is the Monday I am to begin my Principles of Commercial Real Estate blog.
Join me, as I scan the TOC, open the first chapter, and begin the steps towards achieving certification as a Commercial Realtor. Hear one, Do one, Teach one. Lifelong learning strategies modified to the virtual reality of todays marketplace. Lined tablets replaced by indexed blog entries. Searchable, reviseable, printable, PDF-able.
Introduction to the Tri-City gateway, Anycity, Northgate and Southgate. The Wongs, McKays and other interchangeable key players. Characterized in numerous roles, as members of syndicates or joint ventures; owners of small businesses, landlords, tenants, developers, investors. The stage is set.
The Learning Journey includes learning objectives, and associated levels of competency. All materials align with that destination. Reality checks and Exercises. Mathematical Calculations are imperative. Solution strategies will be included to consolidate the learning process.
Turn the page to Unit One.

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