The Commercial Real Estate Certificate Program is similar to other Manitoba Real Estate Association courses, in that it requires extensive reading and memorizing from the Canadian Real Estate Encyclopedia, as well as the Provincial Real Estate Reference Manual, Manitoba Edition. A 500 page Workbook and Assignment Booklet complete the study package.

Weighing in at just over 20 lbs. the study materials are destined to make you stronger, if not wiser. Getting started with the introduction, I flow through the first few Units, acknowledging the stringent passing grades and examination requirements. Successful completion of Assignment One grants a person Candidate Membership status into the Commercial Division of the Winnipeg Real Estate Board. That, along with sponsorship signatures from 3 Full Members who are in good standing within the Commercial Division. Attendance at a minimum of 4 Commercial functions per year is a privilege for Candidate Members, as well as a mandatory requirement to maintain the Candidacy status.
It is my goal to be a Candidate Member of the Commercial Division by January 1, 2009. (this is my first New Years Resolution, and the calendar still claims November.)

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