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Slate Communications’ creative portfolio emphasizes their experience and expertise in crafting effective marketing campaigns that help businesses achieve their goals. The portfolio showcases a diverse range of past projects, including branding, marketing programs, and promotional campaigns. Slate Communications is dedicated to helping their clients stand out in a crowded marketplace through innovative and engaging initiatives.

Slate Communications Creative

Creative concepts developed and implemented for  the Jewish National Fund of Canada.

Jewish Post Advertisement

Tu-Bishvat Postcard/Mailer

Negev Gala Poster Calgary

Negev Gala Brochure

Associated Proteins - THE PLANT reopens.

Save the Date

Calgary Newspaper Advertisement

Creative concepts developed and implemented for Ag Clients.

Western Producer Canterra Seeds

Canterra Seed Guide

Canterra Seed Brand Identity Guide

Western Producer Canterra Seeds Article

Associated Proteins, THE PLANT – reopening poster, website,

Video and A Demand, Supply assessment provided.


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