How many Christmas Eve’s have passed prior to 2020? Or New Years celebrated? Birthdays, Anniversaries, and calendar pages flipped. Carelessly. As if time did not matter. Is not relevant. “Time is like a toilet paper roll” he said “The closer you get to the end the quicker it goes.” I had absently nodding in agreement, but my thoughts were doubtful. What did that mean?

I had no idea at that time. Today, comprehension floods in. A decade has passed. The roll unwound. 2020 arrived with promise for the year of 2020 “Perfect Vision”, and is departing in a blinding flash of illumination. Time, has slowed.  We now Stay home, Stay Safe. There is no more travel. Borders are barricaded. We unwind. Play games.  Reflect and if lucky, eat turkey.
Are we in a lock down, or are we locked up?

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