Sharon Lancaster is a registered Realtor in British Columbia, strategic marketing consultant, internationally recognized public speaker and a published author.

Her passion for Real Estate extends beyond the transaction and into the realm of stewardship, as she strives to provide you with the questions and answers, required to make informed Real Estate decisions.

Take the long road home.

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I was already late as I waited for the green turn light, trying to resist the pull left towards the mountain road. Today would be a good day to drive up the mountain, I mused. Perhaps later, if I complete my tasks before sundown, I reasoned resolutely steering into traffic, following the migration towards city center.

But the mountain still called, the blue of the sky, whimsical clouds floating lazily on the horizon. It is almost spring in Kelowna, February 2, 2012. Groundhog day. A brilliant, perfect day. I feel blessed to be a Realtor. I am outdoors most days, meandering through traffic, mixing at sidewalk cafe’s, feeling the warmth of the sun as I unlock a red door. But the mountain still called, the gentle breeze almost non existent, the solidarity of the trees defining the grade.

Finally, at precisely 4:27 I passed through the iron and stone gates at the Kelowna Cemetary, and began the descent to what I perceive to be the most sacred ground in our town. Past the Kelowna Golf Course, past the historical monument marking 100 years of internment, to the turnabout, high above the city at the top of the Mountain.

I sit silently, as the final strains of Guns N’Roses November Rain echoes from my speakers, my iPhone MP3 file is being  broadcast through a bluetooth device, powered by the 12 volt cigarette lighter (a relic from days gone by) converted to an analogue signal and playing over the AM/FM radio. This is amazing. That we have the ability to convert the signal. Technology.

Do you need some time…on your own
Do you need some time…all alone
Everybody needs some time…
On their own
Don’t you know you need some time…all alone…

The settling sun casts a golden spell, the ultimate beauty seducing me to step from the car, silencing Axl Rose, as I double tap the camera, seize the moment and snap a photo. Captured. Beauty.

Moments later I hit send, transmitting the digital image to a friend, with a caption reminding him of an old Lakota saying attributed to Crazy Horse “Today is a good day to die” and the significance behind the statement. Technology. It connects. It binds. It separates and it disassociates. Or none of the above – it is the driver, who turns the key, and steers the wheel.

We all have choices. Choose wisely.

Rest In Peace

Sharon Lancaster

Inspired Words

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The written word, spoken, sang, dictated,

Prayed or said. 

Meanings misled.

Communications fraught with one liners, cliche’s and misspellings.

Thoughts we read, are not the things we said.

Or the words we dread.

Last night, I was privileged to participate in the Spoken Word /Inspired Word Cafe event in Kelowna, B.C. A speak easy style, informal coffee shop gathering of eclectic tastes, and eclectic peeps, brought together by a brilliant man – Rawle Iam James. Inspiration to write, to speak, to compose.

The Written word, taken to another level, another height – spoken by a Wordsmith Master – available on January 31, 2012. Streaming today …. He will speak these words of wisdom …. Going Home .…Thank you Leonard Cohen!!

Leonard Cohen


Cherry Picking

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Inspiration to write. You should blog again, he said. I haven’t felt inspired lately. she said. I’ve been doing reno’s.

We all need a nudge sometimes, to get out of the rocking chair, climb the stairs and follow a passion. Life has a way of clouding our vision. Kitchen sinks, casings, plaster and china toilets. Litter our grey matter with inches and centimerters. Primers and paint. Chips. That block the arteries of inspiration.

The more fortunate among us respond to the nudges, awaken prior to the Quadruple Bypass, and start exercising the need to lead with our hearts, and follow with our brains.

Last summer I was at a U-Pick Cherry orchard, getting instructions on picking when the guide mentioned the abundance of rain received that summer had caused many cherries to burst the outer skin – which did not affect the taste or goodness of the cherries, just rendered them unsightly. Kinda like stretch marks – the young woman said.

I found that odd. Later, while sitting under the shade of a cherry tree, I reflected on her words.

CHERRY PICKING   By Sharon Lancaster

Bunches of cherries hang from the trees

Nuggets of flesh, impregnated by bees.

Families of Foreigners flock to the fields

Selecting the ripest, the plumpest, the sweetest

That the orchard can yield.

Laughter and language mesh into one,

Reaching and picking till each tree is done.

I listen, I watch, I observe,

I feel.

Alone in the Orchard, Alone, and surreal.

But not like Salvador Dali,

who painted his fears.

More like a Sage,

Knowledge spanning the years.

Everywhere I look I see harvest and wealth

Families and cherries,

Abundant with health.

But here is a cracked one, the flesh raw and bared,

Left alone in the orchard frightened and scared.

Not to be picked, selected or chosen.

Never to be sliced, boiled or frozen.

How does a cherry feel?

Left on the branch.

Was it purposely ignored or missed just by chance?

I choose to believe, I choose to hope

That one lonely cherry has methods to cope.

With the feelings of loneliness, rejection and loss

Being the one with the stretch marks.

The one that got tossed.

It’s really a story about a cow.

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A few months ago I wrote an Activerain success story and how my presence on Activerain, along with my blogging had connected me with another RainMaker, Robert Twaron. My story revealed how our virtual friendship had resulted in Robert  me a pet cow (or calf) for my Granddaughter.

The saga continues, as Abby’s anticipation for her new pet grows, and inspires her – to the point that she has now began ‘cutting classes‘ learning how to coral her new calf. Since the cow is still an imaginary one, her Mom has rigged up a mechanical makeshift cow in a neighboring arena and 5 year old Abby, mounts Mickey her little pony and proceeds to rein, twist and turn the pony. As with most 5 year olds, not being in the arena, or on a horse does not prevent Abby from training and learning – as I learned on our recent Mexican vacation, when I spent many a day following the order “Gramma pretend you are a cow’ and being ‘cut’ as I strolled down the beach.

A cow, a story, a holiday transformed through an unlikely connection, on ActiveRain, a Realtor networking and referral website. The magnitude of the universe overwhelms. But it really is all about imagination, isn’t it.


Designation, Allocation, Relocation

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Designation, Allocation, Relocation

A rolling stone gathers no moss. I have observed, recently that people are moving more. Traveling, journeying, relocating. The words  Pilgrimage, Mission, Trek or Expedition roll of the tongue as easily as community, residence, long-term, family home.

Which leads me to the question – if you could move anywhere in the world, and still sell Real Estate – where would it be? And that, my fellow Rainers, is the beauty of our training and licenses – the ability to transfer our knowledge to other countries, communities and neighborhoods.

If you can Dream it….in 2011 – it seems, the sky is no longer the limit!

Basic Need To Go Home

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In 1943 Abraham Maslow developed A Theory of Human Motivation  stating that their are five distinct levels of Human Needs, and one can not be gained without first attaining the previous level. Basic needs of food, water, shelter must be met before a person is able to feel secure, seek gainful employment, or take the next step upwards to love and belonging.

Last month, when I purchased a small condo, in my new hometown of Kelowna, B.C. I recognized this truth to be a deeper conditioning than I had previously realized. For the first time in 6 or 7 years, I feel at home. I can unpack, more than my boxes! I can gather or collect ‘stuff’ without thinking of the weight or bulk and the need to pack it and eventually carry it to my next lodging.

This recognition of the calming, peaceful and secure feeling gained from buying my own ‘permanent’ home has deepened my appreciation of the service we provide as Realtors to home buyers. I too, was reluctant to choose my home, hesitated for a few years, watching, waiting, for market fluctuations, the perfect place to materialize, the city, town, location that would best serve my needs.

But really, all I needed was the motivation, the guidance, the knowing of the inner peace a home would bring psychologically to me. The knowing that it is not the outer shell, but the space within, that we are purchasing. Within the walls, and within us.

A Basic need, to go home.

Maslow's Heirachy

Sharon Lancaster

Permission to play, for a day.

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Racing through life as a workaholic, takes time, energy and dedication! As a self-professed workaholic I succumb to a restrictive life of work before pleasure. A task oriented individual believing in cliché’s and adages that condemn play time and exalt To-do Lists.  When my head hits the pillow at day’s end, I smile with satisfaction when there are more ‘done’ tick marks on the list then carry-over items. Please don’t misinterpret this to mean I don’t make time for, or enjoy, leisure or self-indulgent activities, because I do. At the allotted time – and on my schedule. I am a successful, accomplished woman with hundreds of business associates and friends. My life is complete, I am happy.

So why am I enrolled in a Travel Journaling class with an assignment of ‘strolling through the market’ for an hour and a half. Seventy unassigned minutes during the prime time of day. Instructed to not buy anything, eat anything, talk on the cell phone or use the time in any productive endeavour. To listen, smell, see and hear. Awaken your sensory nerves and enjoy the morning.

Anxiety quickened my heart beat as the all too familiar palpitations reminded me who is boss of this walking organ. Then the brain kicked in with the usual world be, should be, could be questions. And just in case I wasn’t paying attention a signal was sent to the endocrine system to begin producing copious amounts of sweat and adrenaline. Breaking rule number one I headed to the coffee truck, gazing enviously at the mom and daughter consuming the most delicious smelling bacon and eggs from a paper plate.

I settled with my double double coffee next to two other students, obviously not concerned with breaking the rules this early in the game either. Phrases from ‘The Jolly Green Giant’ drifted on the air as the red headed Harpist strummed her mid sized instrument ‘Early one morning, before the sun was rising’. Look up, Look way up – I chimed in smiling at my cohorts, envisioning the TV show from my childhood.

Playtime had arrived, and today, thanks to a whimsical fancy of enrolling in writing course at the University of British Columbia I was invited out to play.

Happiness is…

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Knowing you are on the right path.

Waking each day with joy and exuberation.

Being presnt, right here, right now.

Making a difference in the lives of everyone you meet.

When I leave you, are you Happy?

Creating, being, doing, sharing, loving.

Giving, hearing, listtening, watching, seeing, believing.

Living, on purpose.





Seven Palms Anguilla

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Looking for some Fun in the Sun? Check out Anguilla – for an elite treat. Robert reports on art, beaches, romance and beauty found on one of his frequent visits to this unique Caribbean hideaway.

Anguilla  ..   Art .. Memories of  that trip to Anguilla !

Anguilla Shoal Bay Coconut Fish by Henri 

Coconut Fish

Art in Anguilla….It sure is nice to travel and enjoy different weather, food, music, experiences, cultures, scenery and those tropical drinks with the little umbrellas !!!!

Anguilla has a number of art galleries and a number local artist that have some very creative ways of showing and selling their art.

Henri….on Shoal Bay East  at Madearimans Bar and Restaurant has his little art studio displaying his art.   He paints pictures, beach articles and coconuts.      His Coconut Fish are ledgendary !!!!!!

It sure is another great way to remember your special trip to Anguilla.

Henri Art Shoal Bay Anguilla   Coconut Fish by Henri

 Let us show you how easy it is to own a Villa

 Reasons to Own in Anguilla

Location, Location, Location– Anguilla, located in the Caribbean 7 miles from St Martin’s is considered one of the top destinations in the world to go and vacation by celebrities, jet setters and those of means.  A short flight from New England puts you away from the crowd and sitting atop one of the most beautiful vistas in the world

Privacy, Safe and Secure–   Anguilla is an island that allows it’s visitors all the privacy they want and need

Romance– Beauty, serenity, quiet and peaceful 7 Palms is a place where you can see the beautiful blue Caribbean Ocean from almost every window and balcony.  Once sitting by the infinity pool for a matter of moments all your troubles melt away.  It is an island of romance

Beaches– Anguilla beaches have been rated in the Top Ten in the world by Conde Nast Traveler.  Beautiful soft white sand and the blazing blue of the Caribbean Ocean surround you in luxury

Tax Benefits– There are considerable tax benefits available in Anguilla. Give us a call and we can direct you to professionals that can outline them in detail for you.

Land Ownership– Many islands, Anguilla and Manhattan included are moving to a lease of the land your home sits on rather than a purchase.  This is a freehold purchase and the land goes with the property.

Beauty– There are many beautiful places in the world and beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but by any criteria used 7 Palms in Anguilla would have to be considered at the top in terms of beauty and serenity.

Things to do in Anguilla

Check out the weather    !!!!!

The New York Times When to go weather

Relax, swim, walk on the beach , go to a beach bar , have a great lunch …take a nap !!!!

So much to do ….or just enjoy the weather !!!!!

82 degrees and sunny

Come on down to Anguilla

And    Anguilla Lobsters

Call Sharon at 250-878-2980  for more information, on Renting or Buying a resort property in Anguilla.

Cave Canem

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One great thing about being a Realtor is you find yourself in various parts of the City, with small pockets of time open for shopping. Yesterday I had a 20 minute window of opportunity, so I rushed into a store, quickly found 2 appropriate gifts, and was heading for the nearest cashier when I saw it – a green tiled stone engraved with the words CAVE CANEM.

I was drawn to the tile, musing how it may be the first purchase for my new home, a property purchased as an investment that is rapidly gaining emotional value as a ‘home’ in my heart. My first acquisition for the house, perhaps adorning the entrance to my office, or on a bookshelf? Announcing my private space. My CAVE.

But rationale thinking set in, I was on a Christmas shopping excursion – not a personal gift selecting day. I walked away, but was drawn back, picking up the tile I traced the engraved lettering .. CAVE CANEM … what does Canem mean, I wondered? Probably another word for House. Perhaps this is a perfect gift for my Nephew, or a male friend? An excerpt from Men are from Mars/Women from Venus entered my thoughts, men need a Cave. I should buy it, I want it, and I will resolve where it should go later. Impulsive decision made, I completed my trek to the checkout.

Next stop, the Health Sciences Centre to drop off charitable gifts. I park beside one of the City of Winnipeg’s new Parking Ticket dispensers – YES! rock star parking!! I climb up the snow bank, purchase my time, climb back over the snow bank to place the required ticket on the right hand dash, bruising my leg as I attempt to open the passenger door against a wall of grated street ice (OK you have to live here to understand our winters!!) while silently cursing the City Councillors who selected this archaic means of parking fee disbursement.

Returning to my car 20 minutes later – I find an empty spot, and a sign above the ticket dispenser stating “NO STOPPING” It is freezing outside, as I realize I have left my winter gear in my car, and the fact that I had overlooked the 10 ft. high sign mounted above the ticket dispenser stating NO STOPPING. Why the City workers would place a ticket dispenser in a NO STOPPING zone confuses me, but again, you have to live in Winnipeg to understand their logic. It is an obvious attempt for funding, I realize, as I alert a fellow parker that she too is about to be illegally parked, much to her surprise as well. Naturally the prosperous Winnipeg towing company Dr. Hook has a truck strategically parked 20 feet away on a side street watching and waiting. Merry Christmas!

So, I begin the 20 minute walk through core area streets to the car rescue compound, freezing, and thinking CAVE CANEM – I hope my car is secured, it has my gifts and my tile in it!! MY TILE!! I miss it already.

I arrive home much later and allot colder than originally planned, open my bags and marvel at the tile – who will I gift it to? First what does it mean? I google CAVE CANEM.


WHAT!!?? I laugh!!!  Ok,lesson learned. Never buy a Latin sign if you do not know the meaning. I share the experience with my sister who suggests I keep the bill and return it before the Boxing Day rush begins. Yes, I sadly agree, yet, I hesitate. BEWARE THE DOG. CAVE CANEM. Throughout the evening visions of a snapping, vicious Stephen King dog enter my mind, along with calming, inspirational and motivational images of wisdom gained – BEWARE OF THE DOG.

As a recently licenced Realtor I have encountered months of intense roller coaster emotions. Elation, betrayal, learning, stress, anticipation, dismay all within any 5 minute period! I have been moved at the kindness and support offered from fellow Realtors, and shocked at the business ethics of others. I have never worked so hard in my life, for such little gain. I have smiled, listened, researched, discussed, created, taught, and sold – or not sold. Some stuff has stuck, allot has been ‘mini university lessons’ chalked up to experience. It has been a traumatic time, many sleepless nights have followed intense days of negotiations. Throughout it all I have remained open, trusting, caring, kind. Perhaps naive and innocent. This morning I awoke from a 4 AM dream, and my first thought – CAVE CANEM. I wanted to photograph the tile.

But who is the Dog?