Australian Shore, wanting more.

A few months ago I blogged about When Opportunity Knocks …. posing a question on focus. Do you know where you are heading on this journey called life? Do you keep an eye on the map ensuring you do not veer off the well travelled highways, or targeted side roads? Or are you the type of person who zigs or zags across the continents, distracted by every corn patch with a shiny object glitterring from under the husks?

While I appreciate the tried and true personality – I must admit to taking a few uncharted courses in my life and on the way, becoming immersed in adventure, mired in muck or flying high above the horizon. It has been a life of passion, intrique and adventure. Both from the ground and the skies!!

It was on one of these adventures that Barry came into my life. While sailing across the Pacific Ocean with a boat full of lovely Australians, and one wunder lust Koala Bear named Barry, (an escapee from the Ft. MacQuarrie Koala Hospital, on an adventure to see the world) that I was gifted this naughty little Koala as my table mate, and travel companion.

Introducing Where’s Barry let the adventures begin!

Formal Dinner on the Rhapsody