When opportunity knocks

Last Friday  an ‘opportunity’ appeared out of nowhere – a request to perform as a special interest speaker on a cruise ship, sailing from Dubai to India and back to Dubai. Speaking, leading and teaching guests on topics ranging from Eastern philosophies and meditation to tantric tenants and beliefs. All topics of passion, for me.

This is my latest and greatest opportunity.  To sail on a Royal Caribbean Brilliance of the Seas cruise debarking from Dubai on April 6th crossing to India, 5 ports of call, and returning to Dubai 11 days later on April 19th. Opportunity for spiritual growth, or distraction from focus on building my real estate business, and financial growth?
So, when opportunity knocks… do you open the door wide and shout HELLO!! Or … peer suspiciously through the peep hole and ask 20 questions while becoming smaller and smaller with intimidation and fear?
Or when a boat appears on the auction – and your intuition says ‘good buy’ do you just pull out the visa card…. and know instinctively that something good will come of this transaction , even though you cannot see it right now? Or do you do the sensible, logical thing and shut off the computer, go to bed and rise again to another day, debt free and unencumbered?